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Webinar - Intermittent Fasting — What are the Benefits?

Have you ever went on a food fast before? Recently the practice of intermittent fasting (“A period of eating followed by a period of fasting”) has been getting a lot of attention.

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Category: HR Health & Wellness

HSA, FSA or HRA: Which is the Best Fit?

Your options at open enrollment often look like alphabet soup: You've probably seen the terms HSA, FSA and HRA among your employer-sponsored benefits. While it's easy to gloss over these benefits to maintain your current plan, there are advantages to wading through the chaos. In 2017, the average cost of healthcare per U.S. citizen was $11,000, and that number's expected to climb to $17,...

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Webinar - Health Screening Guidelines — Are You Current?

In this month’s presentation, we will review the latest guidelines on health screening and the benefits of participating in regular check-ups based on your age, gender and health status.  

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Category: HR Health & Wellness

Making the Most of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be overwhelming, as sorting through several options looking for the perfect health plan for your needs can feel like a job in itself. According to a 2018 survey, in fact, 93% of employees choose the same plan year after year to avoid the difficulty of making a selection — even if it’s not a good fit. But the stakes are higher this year. COVID-19 continues its rampage ...

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