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Ebix Consulting Success Story: Annuity Order Entry Efficiency Audit Pays Dividends

Improving User Experience for Better Outcomes A carrier client needed to provide better user experiences for advisors selling its annuity products, while also reducing costs for maintaining those products. The company had to improve the user experience to make its products more attractive to sell. The carrier engaged Ebix Consulting to audit the way it represented annuity products and th...

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Ebix Consulting Success Story #2 Insurer Quickly Launches DTCC STP Capability from the Cloud to Enter New Sales Channel

Overcoming Roadblocks to Efficiency A rapidly growing, midsized annuity carrier needed a completely electronic workflow to allow its annuities to be sold through a new sales channel, in support of its business strategy. This channel demanded straight-through processing of Attachments document messaging with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. The insurer’s IT department had ...

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Annuities Are Coming to More Retirement Plans

Financial advisers have an opportunity to help their employer clients consider guaranteed income options for their defined benefit retirement plans as more employees want them.  BlackRock and other large asset managers are adding more annuities to their employer-sponsored retirement plans because the Secure Act of 2019 reduces plan sponsors' concerns over legal liability.  Here's what fi...

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More States Adopt Annuity ‘Best Interest’ Regulation

The push to change regulatory standards for annuity sales is gaining momentum. On Aug. 17, Connecticut became the 16th state to adopt a suitability model update developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The update sets a “best interest” standard for annuity sellers, meaning sellers must put customers’ interests ahead of their own.  “The department’s action ...

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