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Celebrating Labor Day

Give me work, ‘till my life shall end and life, ‘till my work is done The national holiday we celebrate on Monday is a good time for reflection on why we work and what we derive from it. The answer should be that it gives your life energy and meaning. If it doesn’t, you should change that. Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Summer trips wind down, students leave for college, f...

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Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from Ebix!

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Category: Risk Management RCS

COI 101: What You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance

Any contract represents risk, and one of the best ways to mitigate some contract risk is a certificate of insurance. COIs prove that some liabilities will be covered through the course of a project. They can provide peace of mind for both sides. “It’s important for a business to routinely request certificates of insurance to ensure that important insurance policies are in effect,” says T...

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Why Internal Collaboration Is a Must

Collaboration is a valued skill in the workplace, but many organizations tend to focus on collaboration among individual contributors on group projects. Collaboration between internal departments such as procurement, finance and risk management is just as important — but can be even more of a challenge. “As new technologies that rely on organizational data continue to drive change in var...

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