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Running a ‘Virtual Sales Operation’

With the current coronavirus pandemic and broad shift to remote working, it is more important than ever for the life insurance sector, insurance carriers and distributors, to maintain continuity of operations for producers, agents and all financial professionals. US Life & Annuity distribution in particular has a critical role to play in supporting the financial well-being and protec...

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5 Things Advisers Need to Know About the Fiduciary Rule in 2020

An Obama-era regulation that required all advisers working on retirement accounts to act as fiduciaries was overturned in court last year, but questions remain about what shape the proposal may still take moving forward. The rule created by the U.S. Labor Department required that broker-dealers consider only the client’s best interests — rather than commissions or fees — when providing r...

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Accessing Data to Improve Sales

Revolutionizing the way we think about insurance. Dig Data—It’s everywhere. In a recent study, “Data Never Sleeps, 7.0,” Domo shows that we produce 4.3 Quintillion—that’s 4.3 followed by 18 zeros!—bytes of data every day. And for life insurance, Big Data is the name of the game and can provide insights into all aspects of a company’s individual performance. However, accessing data across...

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What We Know — and Don't Know — About the Fiduciary Rule for Advisers

A deregulation-focused presidential administration and a federal court ruling have led to plenty of people writing the obituary for a controversial federal rule that required all advisers working on retirement accounts to act as fiduciaries for their clients. But the battle over the so-called fiduciary rule continues to play out in the investment industry and among state policymakers, pr...

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