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Webinar: Laughter May Be the Best Medicine

I know it’s hard to believe, but here we are in December! Not to worry however, we have a special treat for you this month. It’s time for our annual Holiday Humor (Jokes) Presentation. This is our little holiday gift to you with hopes that it will bring a smile to your face that lasts throughout the year.

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Webinar: The Popular Diets Digest

Paleo, Keto, Raw, Vegan, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, No Sugar — the list of diets is endless and can be confusing. In this month’s webinar we will take a look at three of the most popular diets — what they are, where they originated, what they claim to do, and the science behind them.

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Webinar: Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia: In this month’s webinar we will take a look at the latest finding on Alzheimer’s and important lifestyle choices for addressing dementia risk.

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Webinar: Summer Fun Guide Part 2, Let’s Get Outside!

Summer Fun Guide,Part 2: Let’s get outside! In this month’s webinar we will take a look at state and city parks in the U.S. as a great place for getting active. We will highlight the top 10 parks in each category and chances are pretty good that you live near one. Let’s not let this summer slip by without getting outside and enjoying the best that nature has to offer! 

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