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Category: SmartOffice Webinar

ACHIEVING CYBER-PREPAREDNESS: Talking Cybersecurity with FCI CEO Brian Edelman

A cybersecurity attack occurs once every 39 seconds on average. And every minute, more than 2,500 records are stolen, many from company databases just like yours. Click HERE to Watch Webinar! New cybersecurity regulations from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) are part of a broad attempt to fight back against these cyber attacks. Regulators, authorities, clients and c...

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Webinar: The Power of Positive Thinking & Optimism

We’ve all probably heard the old expression or question regarding the “Glass being half full or half empty!” This month we will take a deeper dive into that question as it relates to our attitude and self-talk. The real question we have to ask ourselves is are we a positive person viewing life optimistically or are we a negative person with a more pessimistic view? Science and practical ...

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Webinar: Laughter May Be the Best Medicine

I know it’s hard to believe, but here we are in December! Not to worry however, we have a special treat for you this month. It’s time for our annual Holiday Humor (Jokes) Presentation. This is our little holiday gift to you with hopes that it will bring a smile to your face that lasts throughout the year.

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Webinar: The Popular Diets Digest

Paleo, Keto, Raw, Vegan, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, No Sugar — the list of diets is endless and can be confusing. In this month’s webinar we will take a look at three of the most popular diets — what they are, where they originated, what they claim to do, and the science behind them.

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