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How to Map Future-Oriented Skills Across Your Workforce

The world of work is on track to see substantial changes in the next three to five years. Before COVID-19, the World Economic Forum predicted that machines would perform more than half of all jobs by 2025. And since COVID-19, changes that were expected -- such as the change from an in-office work model to one that’s more fluid and flexible -- have been accelerated. Work will only continu...

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Webinar - Wellness & Technology

Technology is a big part of many people’s lives and it can help make day-to-day tasks easier. We use technology in our homes, at work, in our cars, and just about everywhere we go. Do you use technology as part of your wellness routine? Watch fitness videos online? Participate in virtual appointments? How about wear a fitness tracker or use a fitness device? Advances in technology have h...

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The Rise of the Hybrid Office

With vaccine distribution on the rise and COVID-19 cases falling, companies are beginning to feel safe bringing their employees back to work sites. But simply resuming office hours may not be the right move. We've learned that work can carry on efficiently and effectively without meeting in an office, and employees aren't going to settle for a fixed 40 hours in the office anymore. If you...

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Category: HR

3 Ways to Run Better Returnship Programs

It’s getting harder to find great talent these days. Human resources professionals will need to become savvy about new practices if they want to meet the changing demands of the labor market and workforce. In 2020, COVID-19 exacerbated an already declining labor force, as nearly 4 million more Americans stopped looking for work due to the pandemic. Family responsibilities are growing as ...

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