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Salary Budgets Show Signs of Increasing in 2019

As the labor market tightens, U.S. salary budgets grew by more than 3% for the first time in four years in 2018, according to the results of a global survey on salary budget trends released by human resources consultancy WorldatWork. The survey, which was conducted in April 2018, collected data on nearly 15 million workers employed in a wide range of organizations and industries across 1...

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Unemployment is at Historically Low Levels

But it’s easier to get into Harvard than get an administrative assistant job On Friday, September 7th, the United States Department of Labor released the “Employment Situation” report and there were some fascinating and quirky data points. Let’s examine a few: Historical Numbers The unemployment rate in the United States averaged 5.77% from 1948 until 2018 The unemployment rate reached a...

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EAPs Help Employees Overcome Personal Challenges

When personal problems occur, it is not always possible for employees to leave their troubles at the door. Domestic hardships, the death of a family member, mental or physical health issues, financial concerns, substance abuse, or severe work-related stress can interfere with an employee’s ability to perform effectively on the job. Recognizing that otherwise dedicated and productive empl...

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Americans are Retiring With Less

Survey finds that 44 percent of Americans are still paying for their home when they retire. Americans currently entering retirement are in worse financial shape than the prior generation, the first time that’s happened since Harry Truman was president, reports The Wall Street Journal. Their median incomes including Social Security and retirement-fund receipts have been languishing, after...

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