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Unraveling the Controversy: DOL's Third Fiduciary Rule Proposal and Its Impact on the Retirement-Related Financial Assistance Industry

The Department of Labor (DOL) has once again sent ripples through the financial industry with its third fiduciary rule proposal. Aimed at regulating retirement-related financial assistance, this latest proposition has ignited a firestorm of controversy and debate among industry professionals. In this comprehensive exploration, we dissect the key elements of the proposal, examine the argu...

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The Future of Life Insurance, Annuities, and Finance: Technological Advancements and Their Impact on Advisors

The world of finance, insurance, and annuities has always been steeped in tradition. For centuries, the industry has relied on personal relationships and paper-based processes. However, as we enter the digital age, the landscape changes rapidly. Technological advancements are reshaping how we approach life insurance, annuities, and financial planning, and the role of advisors is evolving...

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Securities Lawyers Expect Escalation in Reg BI Enforcement

As we approach the second anniversary of Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) going into effect, many are speculating news of the first major enforcement actions related to Reg BI violations will come soon. While it seems regulators have given firms a bit of grace as they transition to the new rules, top securities lawyers expect to see the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Finan...

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How the Marketing Landscape Will Change for Advisers Next Year

Some financial advisers will have more flexibility with their marketing starting in the fall of 2022. The Securities and Exchange Commission updated investment-adviser marketing rules that go into effect on Nov. 4, 2022. The rules allow advisers to use testimonials, endorsements, and third-party ratings as long as they comply with anti-fraud protections and other conditions. The marketin...

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