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Integrated Disability Management: Fulfilling the Promise

The concept of Integrated Disability Management (IDM) has been around for years, but its promise has never truly been fulfilled. Employers have had to juggle multiple platforms to manage, track and report employee absences, including workplace injuries, long- and short-term disabilities, leaves under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a...

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3 Investment Gurus' Timeless Wisdom

Follow investment gurus to avoid investment mistakes. When things seem unsettled, a trio of these savants offer timeless advice you should heed. Such words of wisdom are especially appropriate amid current turbulent circumstances: a rocky bond market that perhaps signals the end of a 30-year bull run, U.S. stocks recently hitting new highs, troubling overseas developments such as Syria’s...

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Borrowers to See New FICO Scoring System

Goal is to account for a borrower’s cash transactions and banking history When it comes to our credit score, Americans are doing better than ever. Since bottoming out with an average FICO Score of 686 in October 2009 – one year after the stock market crash of 2008 – scores have risen steadily since, including for the past 8 years. Currently, the average FICO score in the U.S. has reached...

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