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Business Owners’ Control of Their Work-Life Balance is the Fine Line Between Hard Work & Hell

We live in a society in which people are trying to do more each day. Both work and life are worthy competitors for time. Yet the complex demands of modern society have redefined the notion of work-life balance. Work-life balance has different meanings for different people and is often linked to individual preferences. We interviewed franchised and independent business owners in Australia...

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Measuring the Tiger Woods Effect

Do Tiger wins move markets? NASDAQ has more than doubled since 2013 Tiger Woods is the most recognizable golfer in the world and consistently ranks among the top in brand awareness among past and present sports figures. In fact, if you rely on Nielsen’s N-Score talent tracker, Tiger ranks third in awareness behind only Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. This ranking is despite only having ...

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Assessing the Health of Your Business

In today’s business climate, it may be more important than ever for companies to operate at maximum efficiency and with a keen awareness of the potential impact of changes in their industry and the economy. Using a SWOT analysis to take a closer look at your company’s internal operations, as well as its position in the marketplace, may help you avoid costly mistakes, improve your managem...

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NAFTA is Dead As USMCA is Born

Understanding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement While on the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly singled out NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement – as being one of the worst deals for Americans that he’s ever seen. Blasting former President Bill Clinton, Trump said, “[Clinton] approved NAFTA, which is the single worst trade deal ever approved in this country," adding "NAF...

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