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Accessing Data to Improve Sales

Revolutionizing the way we think about insurance. Dig Data—It’s everywhere. In a recent study, “Data Never Sleeps, 7.0,” Domo shows that we produce 4.3 Quintillion—that’s 4.3 followed by 18 zeros!—bytes of data every day.  And for life insurance, Big Data is the name of the game and can provide insights into all aspects of a company’s individual performance.  However, accessing data acro...

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The Intelligent Agency: How artificial intelligence can transform the industry

  Artificial intelligence (AI) has already reshaped everyday life for many of us. We ask the virtual assistants in our smartphones and smart speakers to give us weather reports, play music, shop, and more. This technology is just starting to make inroads into the insurance world. AI-powered technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive analytics will bri...

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