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Category: Financial Advisors

What the Euro Reaching Parity Against the Dollar Means for the U.S.

As the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to affect the already distressed euro, the currency has become equal to or slightly below the U.S. dollar for the first time in two decades. While that may sound appealing to Americans planning a vacation in Europe, it also could put stress on exports and U.S. companies abroad, which could affect investment strategies. What’s Cau...

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Almost 70% of Americans Don’t Feel Financially Prepared for a Recession

The events of the last few years, including the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have created an unparalleled disruption in the global economy. Record-high prices for essential purchases such as fuel and food are just one reason many Americans anticipate a recession. In fact, a recent survey from MagnifyMoney found that 70% of Americans expect a recession, and 68% feel unprepar...

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How the SEC Will Focus on Compliance in 2022

The Securities and Exchange Commission outlined its approach to compliance this year in a recent Risk Alert.  The commission plans to take a closer look at the effectiveness of compliance policies and procedures, program oversight and the disclosures financial advisers make to their clients and shareholders.  Here’s what financial advisers can do to prepare themselves for examinations in...

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Advisers Turn to Cryptocurrency to Stand Out From Competitors

Close to 30% of financial advisers are using or expect to use cryptocurrency in their clients' portfolios, according to a recent survey by Cerulli Associates. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum provide an opportunity for financial advisers and platforms to work with regulators to further the cause of offering retail investors thoughtful and balanced access to cryptocurrency pr...

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