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Category: Financial Industry

Can the 2018 World Series Predict the 2019 Stock Markets?

History suggests that we should hope the 2018 World Series gets cancelled Is there actually a difference in stock market performance depending on who wins the World Series?  Should you really change your investment plans based on an American League or National League victory?  Of course not. But let’s explore anyway. The World Series The inaugural World Series took place in 1903, with th...

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Afraid of a Stock Market Correction? Get a Plan

Lately it seems as if every client or potential client I see asks about the possibility of a looming market correction. Investors are loving these good times, but they're smart -- they know the market runs in cycles, and the good times can't last forever. The markets keep hitting record highs. We're in the second-longest bull run in history. And yet there's uncertainty, too, globally and...

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The Supreme Court and Financial Markets

Documenting $140 billion of direct influence from the high court. President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill an open seat on the Supreme Court. And while the confirmation process has divided the country, there is very little conversation about the effects the Supreme Court has on the economy and the markets. But thanks to a group of academics, the impact of the Supreme Cour...

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Anniversary of Lehman’s Collapse Reminds Us – Booms are Often Followed by Busts

Only a decade has passed since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and it seems the mortgage crisis and subsequent Great Recession are already ancient history in the minds of many investors, bankers and regulators. All it took was a few short years of low default rates and good loan growth to re-create the kind of heady atmosphere of irrational exuberance that transforms staid bankers into ...

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