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The January Effect: Does it Matter in 2019?

What does history tell us and how should investors react? The January Effect The January Effect is a pattern exhibited by stocks in the last few trading days of December and the first few weeks of January. During this period, particularly starting in January, the theory is that stocks tend to rise.  In simple terms, the January Effect is a consequence of: Tax-loss selling, in which inves...

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Curing Bad Money Behavior

Financial therapy is different from financial planning. Or is it? Many financial advisors are starting to work jointly with mental health counselors to help clients who are having difficulty making financial decisions or changing financial behavior.  The reason? Bad behavior with money stems from the subconscious. Self-sabotaging decisions, like wasting your wealth on iffy investments, s...

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Stay Flexible to Succeed in a Tight Talent Market

In September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics—the arm of the federal government that tracks employment—revealed something astonishing about the state of the US economy. Businesses had nearly 7 million job openings. At the same time, across the country, fewer than 6.3 million people were available to fill them. In other words, as anyone running a business knows, the labor market is tight. ...

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Amazon, Unemployment and the State of Retail

The Retail industry will likely have a challenging time attracting employees Since early October of 2018, a few interesting topics were widely circulated among the press and each of them received quite a bit of coverage. But taken together – and given that we’re in the busy holiday shopping season – it does make one wonder how the Retail industry will fare in 2018 and beyond. Let’s explo...

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